What the heck is Jikity?

We all have those little nicknames that follow us right?  Maybe it’s from a sport that you played in high school and was something your buddies called you in the locker room, maybe its something your parents called you since you were a baby, or maybe even it was a negative comment that you owned and began to turn it in to a positive.  If you were able to do that BTW I commend you.  Well in this case when I was a little boy apparently I liked the movie Pinocchio.  Not because I liked the main characters as much but because I really liked Jiminy Cricket.  That being said this has probably happened to you before when your parents like to let you know how you used to say certain words, you know, because they were so cute and precious.  So for me, it was Mr. Cricket, I used to combine the words Jiminy and Cricket, so it came out something like Jikity….

So Jikity became my nickname.   It stuck with me unfortunately which has never been a problem except through high school.  Everything seems like its a problem in high school doesn’t it?  It just gets magnified in high school and for whatever reason stupid little things become so much more important among those peers.  Now that I am an adult, it’s not a problem sharing this story, but in high school, it was embarrassing to make this story public and became a source of ridicule.  I stuck true to my roots though and did not try and dump the name as those closest to me still call me this to this day.  It’s nice to have a nickname, it’s an act of endearment.

When I decided I was going to begin my own blogging site I knew that I wanted it to be called jikity.com .  I ran in to a problem though, the URL was ironically already taken.  I thought, who in the world could have come up with that word or be called the same thing, and cared about it enough to make a website out of it.  I was really taken back and a little frustrated.  I had to track it down and figure out who owned it and then buy it off from that owner.  It took me around 6 months to accomplish this to get the url for myself, but i finally did.

I must admit that my curiosity was up.  I tried to to track down what this old expired website was about because I just couldn’t wrap my brain around anyone else with my nickname.  Using the wonderful thing we call google i was able to find some old screenshots from this website in the late 90’s:Capture

That guy in the upper right hand corner is apparently named Jake.  Jake shared my nickname though I am not sure how it cam about for him.  This is a screenshot of his old home page.  Jake blogged before blogging was a thing.  With no structure or explanation each photo on the home page is a link to a surprisingly vast website including blogs, family photos and descriptions, as well as a detailed dossier of his travels around the US with photos and blogs for each different city.   I don’t know where Jake is today, but kudos to him for building an awkward website before anybody could do it, and i hope to carry on and honor the Jikity name.

The Skinny Jean Life

Admit it, you’ve all by this time worn them, or at least tried them out of curiosity.  So here’s my question to the masses.  Regardless of how skinny jeans feel to you or how you feel in them.  Can a man in skinny jeans still be considered manly by the worlds standards?  If you’re a man do you feel manly?  Do you think that the standards of what it takes to be considered manly have changed?  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  If women everywhere are still willing to date and marry 150 lb. males in button ups, skinny jeans, a vest, and a man bun what does that mean.  I feel like that wouldn’t have been the case 10 or 20 years ago.

Let me tell you what made me begin to think about this.  Statistically we who are millennials probably grew up in a broken home, many of us probably had dad’s that bailed.  So there is certainly reason for not growing up as “manly” as the previous generation, and maybe we didn’t want to because look where being “manly’ got us.  It got a whole generation fatherless!  Now I’m not saying that we should just all swing the other way however and everything will be peachy, let me explain. No there is too much, let me sum up.

Not to long ago on my way back from work I had my first automobile brake down.  I was driving, I heard a bang, it started steering funny, and I was able to pull safely over to the side.  Now the good news was that it was simply a flat tire and nothing worse happened to the car.  The bad news was I had a terrible truth to face.  I realized that as a grown man I did not know how change a tire.  So what was next, well I quickly decided  to call a local towing service to come give me a hand, and while I stood there on the side of the road I had to start wrestling with my own manhood and what this meant for me. Continue reading The Skinny Jean Life

Why we Blog?

I find the progression of how people choose to use their voice over the last 50 years fascinating.  As an American citizen I have grown up with the idea and principle of free speech prevailing.  Though taught that ethically to say something harmful to or about someone was not to be said, which always seemed to be a moral contradiction to the bill of rights.

So how do we, as the up and coming generation, balance the unhindered power to exercise our right of free speech through blogging, and the necessity of mankind to be able to love one another so we might be able to coexist.

What am I talking about?  The pending train wreck that will occur when our generation are the ones ruling the world with no check and balance systems of how we actually treat or value one another.  We are a generation that thrives on impulse and emotion as opposed to wisdom and act harshly while at the same time holding on to the stance that we hate conflict.  So we do our dirtiest deeds behind a keyboard.  You see we are all bloggers,  every one of us.  Blogging didn’t even exist 10 years ago but today every single one of us executes our ability to offer our opinion.  Some of us do it with some restraint and only when its profitable, others have no filter and no desire to stop.  Yes, we are all bloggers, have a facebook account? Blog.  Twitter account? Blog.  Snapchat? Still a blog.  Ever leave a google review or yelp review? Blogs.  All of these are avenues to express your thoughts on a general forum.  They are all blogs, only the venue changes. Continue reading Why we Blog?

Welcome to My Blog


I’m Dan,  and this is my blog about blogging and our current generation.

For my first post here I would like to outline some of the topics I will be touching on within these posts.  I hope to accomplish, as many have done, challenging you to think about the current state of our generation (millennials) regarding its practices, status, habits, and projected future.

I would like to share my thoughts and observations as they come to me on a day by day basis, or maybe weeks, who knows?   I hope you enjoy, and I hope its thought provoking.